Free chat and mobile payment application localized in Turkey


100% free

Chat, group chat, video call

You can chat with friends unlimited, send text, pictures, and even files.

It's not convenient to type? Try sending voice messages,you can also directly into text.

Experience HD voice and video call, group video call.

Mobile wallet

Mobile payment, transfer, send gift

Leave the tedious steps away, and transfer directly to the other party on the mobile phone.

You can also transfer and collect with QR code. Payment has never been so fast.

Share new things anytime, anywhere. See what your friends are focusing on

In TMMTMM, you can easily see the dynamic of friends.

You can also see the hot and interesting things on the Internet.

Find a restaurant nearby

Nearby food, hotels, scenic spots, churches...

Click to navigate you to your destination.

Use lbs to search nearby life services.